Writing Letters - Tips and Tools

The first impression left by our letter is not only critical to the success of our message, but also to the image we wish to present.  If the letter we have written carries the wrong tone, contains grammatical and spelling errors, or is poorly structured, then we’ve successfully sent the wrong message and the wrong impression of ourselves.  It is extremely difficult to ‘undo’ the damage that can be introduced by poorly written letter.

Library Online’s letter writing templates are excellent tools for helping to set the right tone of a letter while maintaining a good flowing structure.  Several other elements, such as punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing, spelling and grammar, are also all critical to the successful letter.  Using these letter writing tips and tools can help you to produce exceptional letters.

Good Letter Writing includes proper: 
  1.  Grammar

  2.  Punctuation

  3.  Capitalization

  4.  Letter Format

  5.  Letter Structure

  6.  Addressing Persons of Title


Types of Letters - Tips:

Writing Employee Reprimand Letters

Writing Business Letters

Writing Love Letters

Writing Letters of Recommendation


Letter Writing Templates

Letters Library features a large selection of letter templates, written by experienced professionals to help you successfully achieve the desired message for all your letters.  These letter templates provide a solid foundation in helping you to organize and convey your thoughts in a way that has you writing the perfect letter every time. 

Choose from the  selection of letter writing templates available under each of the categories:

* Business Letters      * Career Letters      * Personal Letters     * Love Letters

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