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    Reprimand Letter Tips

    It can be uncomfortable for employers to discipline an employee, but situations do arise with employees that need to be addressed quickly and professionally.  As an employer, your responsibility is to follow through with the discipline both in a timely fashion and in accordance with your organization’s policies and procedures.  All verbal reprimands to employees should be documented and kept as a record with employee’s file to substantiate any further action that may be required in the future. 

    Generally, the verbal discussion that takes place between the employer and the employee outlines the problem and the corrective measures that the employee is expected to take.  This discussion may also include a warning that points out the consequences to the employee should they fail to comply with the corrective measures discussed.  It is highly recommended that the employer obtains a signature from the employee on this documentation detailing the conversation.  This signifies that he or she clearly understands the severity of situation and proves that your discussion with them did take place.

    If, after the verbal reprimand, the employee’s performance is still not acceptable, either a warning letter or a termination letter will follow.  The content of this letter must be brief and to the point.


    Employee Warning Letter

    This letter clearly identifies the problem and refers to the previous discussion you had with the employee on the issue. The reprimand letter is concise and specific about the poor performance issue at hand.  It does not contain negative generalizations about the employee’s character nor does it contain any language that may be construed as offensive or insulting. 

    A reprimand warning letter offers constructive criticism about the current poor performance while outlining the corrective measures that the employee had agreed to take.  It reiterates the acceptable performance levels and sets a deadline for the expected level of improvement by the employee.  This letter also contains a strong warning stating that failure of the employee to bring their performance up to the acceptable level within the time frame now set forth, will result in further action or termination.




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