Complaint - Poor Installation Job

A letter to a company advising them of a poor installation job and subsequent poor service.



Dear …
I wish to inform you of a situation that I have been trying to get resolved for [# weeks/months] now, to no avail.  On [Date] I purchased [type of product] from [Name of Company] which was installed by them on [Date].  I cannot tell you how disappointed I have been with the poor quality of the installation job and the subsequent poor service I have encountered from your company ever since. 

After the installers finished the job and left, I noticed that the [briefly describe what part of the job is defective].  Upon noticing this faulty workmanship, I immediately contacted your office by phone to arrange to have it [repaired/completed properly].  To my surprise, it appears that nobody with your company is willing respond to this matter.

After repeated calls to your office since [Date], having left [# /several] messages, I have still not had a response from anyone from your organization.  This has become increasingly disturbing to me.  I cannot believe that your company would not be willing to stand behind its workmanship. 

I am asking you to look into this matter for me and hoping that we will be able to resolve it without further delay.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Yours truly,

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