Sr. Executive Announcing Resignation

A memo from Sr. Executive announcing his/her resignation to all staff.



To All Staff:

It is with mixed feelings that I announce to you today, the decision I have made to leave my position of [name of position] with [Name of Company].   I have been presented with an opportunity that I am anxious to pursue and [Date] will be my last day here.  This wasn`t an easy decision for me, but after long consideration, I finally decided that the timing was right for me to move ahead with this change. 

It has been my distinct pleasure to have been part of such an extraordinary organization such as [Name of Company].  My experience with this organization has been very rewarding and will be memorable for years to come.  I will especially miss the many relationships and friendships I have built here over the years.  

I’d like to express my thanks to all of you who have made my experience here such a gratifying one.  You can all be proud of the great job you do in making this company the success that it is.  I feel very fortunate to have been part of such a fine team.  With the greatest sincerity, I wish [Name of Company] and each one of you, continued success and prosperity in the years to come.



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